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The team behind Perfect Observer are professional individuals whose experiences qualifies to the issues and headlines tackled by the website. The management carefully chooses journalists to ensure accountability and credibility are secured.

Meet Our Journalists

Thomas Abraham- Editor
Email: thomas@perfectobserver.com
Phone No: +1 716-359-0737

Thomas has been the part of the editorial team of Perfect Observer. He is very interested in technology as well as business techniques, but most of his articles are in the Technology category. If not writing, you can find him checking out some of the unique cuisines in his area. Thomas spends some time traveling as well.

Number of Posts Published :0
Lara Abramov
Lara Abramov- Author & Contributor
Email: lara@perfectobserver.com
Phone No: +1 716-359-0737

Lara is passionate when it comes to science, as she has been since the beginning of time. She spends most of her time reading some non-fiction books and some online blogs. At the end of the day, when it comes to covering science articles at Perfect Observer, She just rocks.

Number of Posts Published :39
Title of her latest post:- Honda to Invest $2 Billion in Cruise, an Autonomous Driving Unit of GM
Mike Eaton
Mike Eaton- Author & Contributor
Email: mike@perfectobserver.com
Phone No: +1 716-359-0737

Mike always wanted to be a medical surgeon but he could not manage it. However, in the course of time, he wanted to become a medical correspondent at. Thanks to the five years of experience, Mike will be able to write meaningful articles that present the data without any concerns. He is also an off-time geek.

Number of Posts Published :19
Title of his latest post:- Uber, Lyft Offer Free and Discounted Rides on the Election Day